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BASIC XL* cycle on weekdays from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. - €1  

IMPORTANT: check LOCATIONS to see if the offer is valid at the particular laundromat.

*BASIC XL is a 40°C, 40 min, 1200 rpm spin washing cycle in XL washer. See more about the capacity of the washers.

Click HERE for information about terms and conditions.

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Washers XL
Prices: 2.85–5.50 eur for one cycle
Cycles: 30°, 40°, 60°, 90°
Duration: 34–90 min
Price and duration depends on the selected cycle. Detergent is not included. 

Dryers XL 
Prices: 25 min – 1.85 eur; 50 min – 3.50 eur
Cycles: 46°, 62°, 71°

IMPORTANT: DO NOT OVERLOAD! Leave ~1/3 empty space of the drum.

XL machines
  • SUITABLE FOR clothes, bed sheets, thin towels, single blankets, etc.
  • NOT SUITABLE for mattress covers and other large items! 
Washers XXL
Price: 9.40 eur for one cycle (without detergent)
Cycles: 30°, 40°, 60°, 90°
Duration: 48 min

Dryers XXL and MEGA
Prices3.55–5.50 eur
Cycles: 46°, 62°, 71°
Duration: 25 or 50 min

Price depends on the selected duration and the size of the dryer.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT OVERLOAD! Leave ~1/3 empty space of the drum.
XXL and MEGA machines
  • SUITABLE FOR big laundry items: curtains, duvets, mattress covers.
  • WHERE? Check LOCATIONS in the menu for the laundromats equipped with XXL machines

Most Londris washers do not dispense the detergent - you need to put it into the drum, except a few our locations*. 

You can use your own detergent or buy it at the laundromat - it will drop out of the dispenser after the payment.

  • open the bag with the liquid detergent and pour the liquid directly into the drum; 
  • remove the disc from its packaging, place to the bottom of the drum and only then load the laundry.

PRICES: from 0.41 to 0.55 eur

IMPORTANT: we do not recommend the use of fabric softener - pouring it directly on your laundry can cause stains. If necessary, choose capsules or a detergent containing a softener. 

*Except Pet King and Londris in Birštonas and Druskininkai. 

Open the Londris app in your smartphone or start at the self-service kiosk. Follow the easy steps to choose the available machines, programs and complete the payment.
Add the detergent directly into the drum.
Load the laundry and make sure you don't overload: leave ~ 1/3 free space of the drum.
Close the door and press the START button on the machine - the cycle will begin.

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Mattress covers, curtains, giant duvets? ..

Use XXL washers and dryers!

Laundromat for pets' owners

Most of our laundromats are open daily, from 6 am to 12 am (midnight). There are few exceptions.
See WHERE in the menu to check the laundromat you are interested in.

ATTENTION! The last order can only be placed if there is enough time left until the end of working hours, ie: cycle duration + 20 min for folding, packing, tidying up and leaving the room.

You can pay by bank card:

  • at the self-service kiosk (if there is one at your chosen laundromat)
  • or via app LONDRIS.  

Attention: you can use the app only for self-service washing and drying.
No, there is no employee inside.

There are lots of information, posters and stickers in the premises, so please take your time and read it carefully.

However, if it's your first visit then we advise you to plan it on a weekday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. - it's the working time of our helpdesk +370 638 53218. If the helpdesk does not work then write us info@londris.lt.

No, no need - orders are placed on a live order basis.

If desired, you can make a reservation in LONDRIS app - it will keep the machine for you 10 min.
This is useful if you are walking through the door of the house with the laundry and you want to be sure that the selected device is waiting for your payment upon arrival.

To make a reservation, choose RESERVE A WASHER button in the homepage of the app.

  • Invoices are issued only to registered customers. 
  • Registration feature is available both on the self service kiosk and on LONDRIS app.
  • Register and login before the payment and , check the box that you require a VAT invoice and enter the company details.
  • Then you will be able to download the invoice from your account on the Londris app (Orders --> Download invoice).

Self service kiosk:

Londris app: 

LONDRIS payment system is secure and certified. Payment solutions are provided by companies registered in the Republic of Lithuania, whose activities are supervised by the Bank of Lithuania and the State Data Protection Inspectorate. Your data is stored and processed according to procedures established by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, which are also provided in LONDRIS Rules and Privacy Policy documents.
  • If "E_dLI " is flashing on the machine display, press the door firmly and hold for 10-15 sec.

  • If LABAS is on this display, repeat the payment - it might be that first payment was declined due to the connection issues.

  • If it's a stack (washer + dryer) make sure that you press the right START: washer button is in blue, dryer - in green.
• If "E_dLI" is flashing afer you pushed START, press the door firmly and hold for 10-15 sec. The machine will start working. • If you see horizontal lines flashing, all good - it's part of the cycle. • If you see '01', 'E dr' or 'E of' flashing more than 10 min. - we have a trouble: machine is clogged. Call +370 638 53218 (business days from 8 AM to 6 PM) or drop us a message info@londris.lt and we will help you ASAP.
Make sure that:
• a safe online payment option is enabled in your e-bank account;
• cardholder name is entered corretcly and without special characters;
• the expiry date of the card is entered as a two-digit number (e.g. August - 08);
• card is not expired;
• you pass additional authentication if it's required by your bank.

Also it could be a temporary bank connection issue, so try to repeat the payment in 5–10 min or use another bank card.
  • If the touchscreen is white or you see error ir fatal error written, it means that internet connection is temporarily lost. Wait 5-7 min and the screen will turn on again.
  • It the touchscreen is black or you can see PALIESK / TOUCH / WINDOWS written - it's sleeping with a screensaver and needs to be touched.

  • If you can't pay at the self-service kiosk, please use Londris app Londris.
There are no locks in the dryers - pull the door harder.
Please check if you have followed these recommendations: • The laundry for drying was not drippy wet (it's not allowed to put soaked laundry to the dryer). • The dryer wasn't overfilled and you left at least 1/3 free space in the drum. • You've cleaned the filter from lint before drying (relevant only for XL and XL-on dryers). • You've shaked your laundry, unrolled the cuffs and sleeves and separated the pieces one from another before drying. It's not recommended to put everything in the pile at once to the dryer. It is also important to know that: • Only the HOT 50 program (if the type of laundry allows it) makes the maximum effect. • Sometimes one drying cycle is just not enough because some laundry needs to dry longer. This is typical for thicker materials (towels, jeans), products with feathers and down (pillows, jackets), multi-layered fabric areas (seams, pockets, hoods).
Do not put soaked laundry to the dryer - order additional SPIN cycle at first.

Please call us +37063853218 (on business days from 8 AM to 6 PM) or write an email to info@londris.lt.
  • If the washing lasts up to ~ 1.5 hours: everything is fine . Longer duration is typical for high temp. programs - it can last about 1/3 longer due to water supply and heating features.
  • If the washing lasts significantly longer than 1.5 hours , the washing machine may not be pumping out water. The most common reason is when small items (clips, coins, paper clips, etc.) left in the laundry pockets block the water drain. The cycle can also be disrupted if the detergent has been multiplied.
    In this case, contact our helpline +370 638 53218 or info@londris.lt .
Our machines are bigger than the standard household washers - from XL (10 kilos) to XXL (18 kilos).

IMPORTANT: not all of our laundromats are equipped with the biggest ones - XXL washers/dryers which are designed for large laundry items (like mattress covers, curtains, big duvets, etc).

Please check menu section LOCATIONS for information about the equipment in particular laundromat that you are interested in.
We strongly recommend you to use only XXL or MEGA machines for large items. Please note that not all of our places are equiped with these machines. If you have something huge like a mattress cover, curtains, a big duvet, etc., check our website to find a location with large washers: LOCATIONS --> XXL Washers.
Laundry is washed and dried in separate machines. This means that you must be present at the end of the washing cycle in order to place your laundry into the dryer. Please keep in mind that the indicated washing and drying cycle times are approximate, therefore, if you decide to leave, make sure to return before the end of the cycle.
No, it's not necessary - you can buy a variety of detergents in Londris.

When ordering a washing machine, the system will ask you if you want to purchase add-ons. By pressing YES, you will be able to select the desired detergent that would be dispensed from the vending machine after payment:

  • if you select the liquid detergent in the bag , it must be torn open and the liquid poured directly into the drum (not on the laundry).
  • if you select the capsule (disc) , remove it from the package and place it at the bottom of the drum, at the back wall, and only then load the laundry.
If you only paid for the laundry and forgot to order the detergent, no problem: select the ADD-ONS button and you can buy them separately.
No, this is not necessary, you may leave the premises. The washer is locked during a washing cycle. However, for your safety, we advise you to return before the end of the cycle, so that you may collect your laundry when the machine unlocks. Please note, that the dryer can be opened any time.
It depends on the service.

  • DRY CLEANING: you can drop off casual, evening, outerwear clothes and home textile.
    Attention: The warranty is not provided if the garment is made of natural leather, fur or suede. 

  • WASH&FOLDor WASH&FOLDXXL: you can drop off any laundry that is suitable for your chosen washing and drying programs and detergents.

  • IRONING: you can drop off any bed sheets that are suitable for washing in no less than 40°C with your chosen detergents and suitable for ironing with 180°C heat.

    Londris takes no responsibility for dry cleaning quality in case there is no labels with cleaning instructions on your clothes.
  • The completion of Londris PLUS services will take up to 4 business days, except evening dress and home textile - these items can take up to 5 business days.
  • When ordering Wash&Fold, you can add EXPRESS service and this order will be completed within 2 business days.
When you place your laundry into the Londris PLUS lockers, make sure that your order meets these requirements:

• • Use yellow Londris bag or any plastic supermarket bag.
• Tie bag's handles firmly.
• Do not overload the bag.*
• 1 bag = 1 locker = 1 order.

* All the laundry of one order will be washed in one machine, so if you overload the bag, it may reduce the quality of the service. If the amount of the laundry allows you to tie the handles of the bag easily and firmly, the order is packed properly.

Inappropriately packed orders may be rejected.
It can vary depending on the fabric type. If it's thick (e.g., terry towel), it will take up more space in the bag, therefore the weight of the bag will be lighter (e.g., 5 kg). And vice versa: if the fabric is thin, more items will fit in the bag, therefore the bag will be heavier (up to 9 kg).

We do not weigh the orders of washing/ironing services, since we are processing it by principle "1 order = 1 bag = 1 washing cycle".

When you pack your washing/ironing order properly (in a yellow Londris or any supermarket bag), the amount of your laundry exactly fits the capacity of the drum of the washing machine.

The main advice is not to overload the bag, because if you do so, the washing machine also will be overloaded and it may reduce the quality of the service.
If you order DRY CLEANING, every single item is cleaned separately, so you don't have to worry about that.

If you order WASH&FOLD, WASH&FOLD XXL or IRONING, one order is one load - all your laundry will be washed together in one machine. So we advise you to separate whites from colors and darks, and make separate order for each load.
Unfortunately, we do not accept laundry that is covered with pet hair. We kindly ask you to remove pet hair before placing the order. Also for this kind of laundry you can use our self-service laundrette „Pet King“ – it's the first laundromat in Lithuania specially designed for pet owners! Address – Kauno g. 30, Vilnius.
It depends on the product. For example, if you provide shirt, you can leave up to 10 pieces in one locker - that means one dry cleaning order. But if you have brought several mattress covers, then we advise you to form a separate order for each of them - separate closets will open.

Of course. Before proceeding to payment check the box "Buying as a company" and you will receive the invoice the next day.
Yes. In such case you should contact our dry clean provider directly ('Švaros pasaulis', located at Švitrigailos g. 31, Vilnius). They will gladly inform you about particular cleaning options.